Our Team

An integral component of Jupiter Medical Center’s mission to improve the health and well-being of our community is access to clinical trials. Clinical trials are one of the most important weapons in the continuing fight against disease in addition to advancing all areas of medicine. These studies may offer patients the opportunity to receive new or potentially more effective therapies, as well as state-of-the-art approaches to treatment. In order to support this endeavor we encourage our physicians to become involved in clinical research. The first step is becoming credentialed as a Principal Investigator (PI), follow the easy steps below to start the process.

1. Go to http://phrp.nihtraining.com
2. Complete registration form
3. Follow prompts and complete 2 hour webinar
4. Print Certificate of Completion
5. Email Certificate of Completion along with signed CV to Jeanine Secor at jsecor@jupitermed.com
6. Give Jeanine a call to talk about obtaining sponsored research


Raymond Golish, MD
Medical Director of Clinical Research
(561) 426-0860


Jeanine Secor, RN, BSN, CCRP
Clinical Research Director
(561) 263-5791

Research Principle Investigators

Addesa MD, Anthony
Ansari MD, Firdose S.
Attia MD, Essam
Bansal MD, Rajendra
Benaim MD, Monroe
Bourne PhD, Russell
Campbell MD, David
Cardenas MD, Gustavo
Collins MD, Charles M.
Delucia MD, Frank
Fenster MD, Jeffrey
Fowble MD, Vincent
Fox MD, Lee
Furquay MD, Kenneth
Gorman MD, Richard
Harris MD, Matthew J.
Hodge MD, W. Andrew
Janin MD, Yves
Kacham MD, Suresh
Kalter MD, Michael
Kapp MD, Daniel
Katzen MD, Lawrence
Knez MD, Tatiana
Krisko MD, Istvan
Leary MD, Antonella
Leder DO, Douglas
Lerner DPM, Andrew
Li MD, John
Lickstein MD, David
Mangrola MD, Raju
Mason MD, Irvine
Mate MD, Laszlo J.
Maxson MD, Chester J.
Mayron MD, Richard
Miskin MD, Barry
Mistry MD, Urmila
Mostel MD, Edward
Nuchovich MD, Daniel I.
Oteiza MD, Elizabeth
Poncy MD, Susan
Price MD, Richard J.
Rosenberg MD, David C.
Rubin MD, Jeffrey I.
Schallop MD, Charles
Schroeder MD, Jonathan
Schwartzberg MD, Talya
Scuderi MD, Gaetano J.
Sehayik MD, Roni
Sehayik MD, Sami
Simovitch MD, Ryan
Stafford DO, Mark
Stiebel MD, Matthew
Tsao MD, Raymond
Vaughan MD, Jefferson
Wacks MD, Israel
Weingarten DPM, Jay
Wiita MD, Bruce
Zelikovsky, Shirley