Ergonomic Program


Ergonomics is the “Science of Work”, adjusting jobs to people. It finds the perfect fit between the worker, the job and the environment. Its goals are to improve workers safety and comfort, thus reducing the incidence of work-related injuries.

Each year 600,000 workers are affected by Cumulative Trauma Disorders – costing businesses $15 to $20 billion annually. Workplace injuries and illnesses are a major factor in business profitability. A single injury can seriously affect your company’s revenue.

The cost of lost productivity, unfilled jobs, Workers’ Compensation and mounting medical bills are significantly more punitive than the costs of underwriting preventive measures.


Establishing An Ergonomic Program

Establishing an Ergonomic Program in your company is the right thing to do. Businesses save money for every dollar invested by:

  • Increasing employee’s well being, productivity and work quality
  • Reducing employee absenteeism
  • Reducing your Workers’ Compensation claims, your
  • insurance premiums, and your exposure to legal liabilities
  • Protecting you from fines enforced by governing bodies


Our Challenge And Goal

Our challenge is to identify, control and eliminate workplace hazards. Our goal is to reduce the costs and consequences of preventable injuries.


What We Offer

  • Workstation evaluations
  • Individual work station adjustments
  • Recommendation and implementation of feasible modifications
  • Employee Training Program
  • Managers Injury Prevention Training Program

Our Ergonomics Plan is customized to each company’s specific needs and all training programs are performed on site.



Job Design Is Important

Modification of work areas is one of the key elements of a safe workplace. But, the most powerful weapon in reducing workplace injuries, costs and claims is education!

Our Employee Ergonomic Training Programs are taught by trained medical professionals
certified in ergonomics.


We Will Teach Your Employees

  • The fundamentals of ergonomics
  • How to take care of their bodies on and off the job
  • The knowledge to identify problems
  • The potential to implement solutions.


We Will Teach Your Managers

  • How to prevent work injuries
  • How to avoid OSHA penalties
  • How to create a comfortable work environment
  • How to recognize employees developing problems before they even know it
  • How to find and implement immediate no-cost and low cost solutions.
  • How to reduce your Workers’ Compensation claims and cost


Because Safety Should Never Be Optional.

The Ergonomic Program is provided through our Outpatient Rehabilitation Services Department, for more information or to schedule an appointment, call 561-263-5775.