Send Free Greeting Cards to Patients at Jupiter Medical Center – Anytime, Anywhere!

Wouldn't that special someone enjoy a get-well or congratulations email from you? Use your favorite online greeting card company to send an e-card to your friends and loved ones at Jupiter Medical Center.

Jupiter Medical Center’s Auxiliary checks the email inbox once a day, Monday through Friday, and will print out the greeting card and deliver it to your friends or loved ones.*

This is a free service – you may send e-cards as often as you like.

E-Card Instructions

1.) The “Send to” line must read

2.) Include the name of your patient in the Subject line (Get well card for Jane Doe). If there is no subject line provided, make sure to include the full name of your recipient in the message (Dear Jane Doe, congratulations on your new baby).

3.) Animated greetings do not print well. This is also true for greetings with sound or music. Please pick cards that have just one image.

Popular E-Card Websites

Would you like to send flowers or a gift instead? Contact Jupiter Medical Center’s Gift Shop at (561) 263-3688. We will gladly take your orders for flowers, balloons or other gifts and deliver it to a patient’s room. The Gift Shop accepts Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

*Jupiter Medical Center will make every effort to deliver your greeting card as soon as possible to the patient (Monday through Friday), provided he or she is still in the hospital.  Please understand that if the recipient is no longer a patient in the hospital, we may not be able to deliver your card.  We will attempt to send your card by regular mail if the patient has been discharged.