Gynecologic Health

Gynecologic health focuses on the female reproductive organs, but also includes overall health issues related to women.

Gynecology care can be provided by an OB/GYN physician, a family practice physician, a nurse practitioner, or a nurse


Regular annual gynecologic appointments revolve mostly around preventive care and include:

  • Completing pap tests (testing for abnormalities in the cervix)
  • Completing pelvic and breast exams
  • Weight and blood pressure evaluation
  • Immunization updates (including the HPV vaccine for cervical cancer prevention)
  • Lab work (such as thyroid and lipid tests)
  • Discussion about your general health and wellness
  • Discussion about regular screening tests and when to schedule them, including mammography, colonoscopy and bone density testing

If you are having problems with abnormal bleeding (heavy, irregular or painful periods or lack of periods), pelvic organ

prolapse, loss of urine, or pelvic pain, discuss this with your doctor to review the best treatment options with you.

Jupiter Medical Center’s Rehabilitation Women’s Health Program recognizes that women have special needs. Your

reproductive system is an important part of your health and wellbeing. From the time women begin menstruating

through their childbearing years the body changes and you may experience symptoms that cause physical pain and

emotional discomfort.

Our Women’s Health Program is designed to help relieve your pain and discomfort. Our physical therapists specialize in

women’s health and offer non-surgical options to address issues you may be experiencing.

A gynecologic appointment is also a good time to update your health history and discuss lifestyle changes such as

health eating, smoking cessation, or weight management. This is also a good time to address questions you may have

about contraception, conception, sterilization, infertility, and sexuality.

For more information about our program, or to make an appointment, call (561) 263-5775. To find a qualified

gynecologist, click HERE, or call our Physician Referral Service at (561) 263-5737.