Ideal Body Weight Calculator

Maintaining a healthy body weight can significantly reduce your risks of a number of diseases and conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, and some types of cancer. A healthy body weight has also been shown to improve your overall quality of life. What is the desirable body weight for you?

Your desirable body weight depends on your gender, height, and body frame size. Fill in the information below and we’ll calculate a range of body weights that may be best for you.

How to Use

For your height, weight and body frame, there exists a range of weights that are considered optimal. Desirable body weight changes with age and other factors. This calculator is not appropriate for children or pregnant women.

  1. Select your gender
  2. Enter your weight
  3. Measure your height without shoes and enter
  4. Select calculate

For more information, read the Health Risks of Being Overweight.

Ideal Body Weight Calculator