December 6, 2012

Veran™ SPiN Drive® and ig4™ Platforms help define a new
standard in early definitive diagnosis of cancer.

JUPITER, Fla. (December 6, 2012) – Jupiter Medical Center (JMC) is the first hospital in the nation to offer patients Veran™ Medical Technologies Total Navigational Oncology Solution. This comprehensive technology allows for easier navigation to lung, liver and kidney biopsies, as well as drainage and ablation procedures. Acquiring these technologies puts JMC at the forefront of early detection and diagnosis of cancer.

The Veran SPiN Drive® Platform enables physicians to locate and diagnose lung cancer at earlier stages compared to traditional methods. A patient’s clinical outcome for lung cancer has a direct correlation to the stage of cancer at the time of diagnosis. The electromagnetic navigation system, complete with Always-On Tip Tracked™ instrumentation, offers patients a minimally-invasive approach to navigate to lesions located deep in the lungs.

Similar to GPS technology used in a car, the SPiN Drive® Platform works with a standard CT image of the patient’s lung, which is used to automatically create a “route” to the lesion allowing physicians to easily biopsy and place markers for planned treatment. With minimal discomfort for the patient, this new procedure avoids the need for higher-risk procedures to remove the lesion on their lung.

“Jupiter Medical Center is pleased to offer a more efficient and safer method of biopsy of lung nodules and masses for patients with hard-to-reach lesions on their lung, with no incision necessary,” said K. Adam Lee, MD, board certified thoracic surgeon and medical director of the Thoracic Surgery and Lung Center at JMC. “This system navigates through a patient’s airway to the suspicious lesion deep in the lungs, with less radiation to the patient, physician and staff.”

Interventional Oncology is an integral part of cancer treatment today. The ig4™ Platform for interventional radiology has electromagnetic based 4D navigation technology, which incorporates a unique respiration tracking system allowing physicians to track suspicious targets throughout a patient’s breathing pattern. The system processes patient data from a CT scan obtained at the beginning of the procedure and registers it as 4D, allowing physicians to “see inside” to accurately target a lesion within a moving organ such as the lungs, kidneys or liver.

The ig4™ Platform is effective in reducing procedure time and radiation dose for the patient.

“The ig4 4D navigation offers a significant advantage over common CT guidance with the ability to approach lesions from an angle in a quick, efficient manner,” said Lee A. Fox, MD, MA, chief of radiology and medical director of the Vascular and Vein Institute at JMC. “Unlike normal CT guidance, the ig4 provides full 4D visualization in real time. Jupiter Medical Center is proud to offer its patients the latest technology for interventional radiology procedures.”

About Veran™ Medical Technologies, Inc.
Veran™ Medical Technologies is a privately held company led by a team of innovators focused on developing the next standard of care for minimally-invasive delivery of interventional oncology therapies. Veran has built several clinical products upon its ig4™ platform technology, which uses proprietary 4D registration capabilities for targeting lesions within the human body. The company believes that by enabling minimally-invasive early stage treatments, it can increase patient survival and lower healthcare costs significantly. Veran Medical Technologies is headquartered in St. Louis, MO. For more information, visit www.veranmedical.com.

About Jupiter Medical Center
A not-for-profit 283-bed regional medical center consisting of 163 private acute care hospital beds and 120 long-term care, sub-acute rehabilitation and Hospice beds, Jupiter Medical Center provides a broad range of services with specialty concentrations in orthopedics and spine, geriatrics, minimally-invasive surgical procedures including robotic surgery, emergency services, cardiac services, obstetrics, cancer care and advanced diagnostics. Founded in 1979, the medical center has approximately 1,500 team members, 520 physicians and 700 volunteers. Jupiter Medical Center is the recipient of the HealthGrades ‘America’s 50 Best’ Award™ for two years in a row (2011-2012) and the Distinguished Hospital Award - Clinical Excellence™ for eight years in a row (2005-2012). For more information on Jupiter Medical Center, please call (561) 263-2234 or visit www.jupitermed.com.

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