IS Information for Physicians


Portal FAQs/Troubleshooting Common Issues

What are the system specifications?

For the best Portal utilization, please verify your office/home PC meets the minimum system requirements:

  • PC Running Windows 2000 or greater
  • Minimum of 512 MB of RAM
  • Dedicated high speed internet connection (such as DSL or Cable Modem)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 5.5 or higher with 128-bit encryption
  • MAC devices currently not supported


How do I configure my home or office computer?

View the document Configuring Your Computer.


How do I sign off on my Deficiencies?

View the document Deficiencies.


How do I grant a staff member HPP access?

Complete the HPP System Access Code Security Acknowledgement document and fax to 561-263-5037.



Contact Us


If you need assistance with the Horizon Physician Portal please contact the following individuals:

All Portal Issues
Please contact Physician Support Team at 561-263-5600


Re-Setting Passwords
The IS Help Desk: 561-745-4357 or 561-263-5600



Access to Jupiter Medical Center electronic systems is being requested for:
*Printing Access For Medical Records:
I am requesting Jupiter Medical Center to grant a Username and Password for the person named above to perform their assigned duties.
All activities associated with the Username are the sole responsibility of the Account Owner. Information systems are the property of Jupiter Medical Center and any activity on these systems are monitored, recorded, and/or disclosed by Jupiter Medical Center.
I will immediately report to the Information Services Department and/or the Jupiter Medical Center Privacy Officer any suspected compromises of my Username or any suspicious activity on the system. In addition; I understand that unauthorized access, modification, disclosure, or deletion of the information processed, transmitted, or stored on/by the information system will result in the immediate suspension of the Credentials until an investigation is completed.