Laboratory Services Frequently Asked Questions


Where do I go for my test?

Jupiter Medical Center’s Outpatient Lab is located on the first floor in the main lobby of the hospital (south side of the medical center.) You will need to check in at the admitting office to complete the registration process. The lab is located within the admitting department.

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Do I need to fast before my test?

Some tests do require that you sustain from eating and drinking for several hours before the test. Your physician will advise you on specific instructions for your tests. 

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What will happen during the test, and how long will it take?

A phlebotomist, a health care professional trained and nationally certified in drawing blood, will collect your blood and advise you on any other specimens that may be necessary to collect. Patients are not required to make appointments and are taken on a walk-in basis, every effort is made to get your testing performed in a timely manner.

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Where are my specimens sent for testing?

Jupiter Medical Center Laboratory  processes  most of the lab test , ARUP is our reference Laboratory.  A complete test menu may be found at

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When and how do I get my test results?

The tests that are preformed in house will be available within 4 to 48 hours and faxed to the ordering doctor, tests that are performed at our reference laboratory  may  take three to four days, as soon as they are completed the results will be faxed to your physician. Get instructions on how to request a copy of your medical records.

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Licenses and Accreditations

Jupiter Medical Center’s Laboratory is licensed by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services and is accredited by the following: