Legal and Ethical Decisions

Advance Directive / Living Will

An advance directive tells your doctor what kind of care you would like to have if you become unable to make medical decisions (if you are in a coma, for example). A living will is one type of advance directive. It is a written, legal document that describes the kind of medical treatments or life-sustaining treatments you would want if you were seriously or terminally ill. Remember to bring in any existing documents including advance directives and living wills if you would like them included in your medical record.

Jupiter Medical Center:

  • Encourages you to create an advance directive and bring it with you to the Medical Center;
  • Will honor your wishes expressed in your advance directive, in accordance with the law;
  • Does not base your care and treatment on whether or not you have an advance directive;
  • Will provide the an Advance Directive/Living Will at your request;
  • Participates in community education regarding advance directives.

For more information on advanced directives and living wills, please ask your nurse.