Perks at Work

Many area businesses are offering discounts to JMC team members (including volunteers) and corporate members through our Perks at Work program. This unique partnership between JMC and participating establishments means extra savings, and new businesses are joining every day!

What it is: Perks at Work is a partnership between JMC and area businesses that have agreed to provide discounts to our team members, volunteers and corporate members.

How it works: Check the Perks page to see a list of businesses included and the discounts they're offering.

How businesses can join: Local businesses that are interested in participating in the Perks at Work program should read the guidelines below, fill out the Application form and fax it to the JMC Human Resources department at
(561) 263-4467.

How you can help: If you'd like to see a particular business participate, direct the owner(s) to this website and ask them to fill out the form and fax it to JMC Human Resources.

Please Note: It is the responsibility of team members, volunteers and corporate members to verify the participation of local businesses in the Perks at Work program.

Tickets at Work
JMC team members, volunteers and corporate members can also take advantage of discounts and special offers to theme parks and attractions nationwide through Tickets at Work. This includes the Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Studios and Sea World, as well as movie tickets, hotels, tours, Broadway and Las Vegas shows, ski tickets and more! To start using Tickets at Work, you'll need the special JMC Company Code JUPMED.


The following guidelines will be used to determine what perks are accepted and offered to team members, volunteers and corporate members and how those perks will be communicated.

For a local business to be listed in the Perks program, the following conditions must be met:

  • The local business must offer a discount to all Jupiter Medical Center team members, volunteers and corporate members.
  • The local business must offer the discount to Jupiter Medical Center team members, volunteers and corporate members when they present proper identification (i.e. Jupiter Medical Center badge or identification). No coupons, flyers or special offers can be distributed on the campus of Jupiter Medical Center.
  • Products and services offered may not be in direct competition with any Jupiter Medical Center departments, services or affiliates.
  • Offers will be removed from the Perks at Work program if the published discounts are not being honored.
  • Local businesses must submit in writing any changes to the perk or how team members, volunteers and corporate members may access it. Please fax your updates to (561) 263-4467 or email
  • Business managers must inform their team members of the offered benefit so they will know how to process the benefit when requested.
  • Direct-sales or network marketing (such as Avon or Pampered Chef) will not be accepted.
  • Vendors may not solicit team members, volunteers or corporate members at any Jupiter Medical Center location.

How Jupiter Medical Center Will Communicate Perks at Work to Team Members, Volunteers and Corporate Members

Jupiter Medical Center will communicate Perks at Work to team members, volunteers and corporate members by listing the benefits on the Perks page. Jupiter Medical Center will also provide periodic reminders and updates about the program to team members and volunteers in The Pulse newsletter.

If you are interested in offering discounts to Jupiter Medical Center, please fill out the Application form and fax it to JMC's Human Resources department at (561) 263-4467 or email

If you have any questions regarding our program, please contact JMC Human Resources at (561) 263-4470.