Childhood Injuries, Poisons, and Burns
Keep your home a haven from childhood injuries by locking away household chemicals and putting up matches and lighters.
Disease Prevention
Immunizations help prevent a host of childhood illnesses. Make sure your child's vaccine schedule is up to date.
When Your Child is Sick
Sometimes it's a tough call whether to send children to school or keep them home when they're ill. Here are some guidelines on common complaints, from fevers to stomachaches.
When Your Child has Surgery
The surgeon and hospital staff will work with you to make the experience less frightening for you and your child.
Childhood Illnesses
Look here for information on a range of childhood illnesses, from infectious diseases to asthma and diabetes.
When a doctor writes a prescription for your child, you should know the name of the medication, what it’s for, how much your child should take, and how often.