Stress and Depression
Everyone feels worried, anxious, or sad from time to time. But when a woman has a true mental health disorder, including depression, she finds it hard to function normally.
Moms and Family Life
Family time can take place spontaneously in many ways during ordinary interactions between parents and children, whether it's rocking a baby to sleep or driving a teenager to the mall.
Women and the Workplace
In order to reach your workplace goals, define a few key priorities and expend most of your energy supporting those priorities, instead of spreading yourself thin trying to keep up with too many concerns.
Sleep Health
If you feel good all day long—wide awake and alert—you're getting enough sleep. If you feel drowsy after lunch and it's hard to get up in the morning, you've got a sleep debt.
Eating Disorders
Although eating disorders typically appear in girls ages 11 to 13, they are expanding to affect younger children, as well as women in midlife.
Personal Safety
If you are being harassed at work, carefully document the incidents, including dates, times, places and names, and report the harasser to the appropriate person in your department.