Process Improvement and Innovation

What is Process Improvement and Innovation?

  • The Process Improvement and Innovation Department (PI&I) is Jupiter Medical Center’s name for its operating system aimed at improving processes organization-wide.
  • The department was formed to lead team member education, process improvement and communication activities. It will help teams overcome roadblocks, develop data-driven decisions and support cultural change so we can keep improving our work.
  • Process Improvement and Innovation uses the standardized principles and philosophies of ‘Lean’ to identify and resolve issues within work areas through the elimination of waste/inefficiencies in processes – making work easier, safer and better for the benefit of patients, and for all of Jupiter Medical Center’s team members and customers.

What is Lean?

  • Although the ‘Lean’ philosophy is derived from the manufacturing industry, its core idea of maximizing customer value while minimizing waste can be effectively applied to many industries – including healthcare.
  • Lean is a way of thinking and part of a culture that is established within a business such as a hospital or health system of care.
  • The goal of Lean, and therefore of Process Improvement and Innovation, is to create value for Jupiter Medical Center’s customers by understanding the value and focusing on improving key processes.
  • Process Improvement and Innovation also uses the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle (PDCA) as a methodical approach to solving problems and implementing solutions to make our jobs easier, safer and better for everyone.

Why does Jupiter Medical Center need Process Improvement?

  • Process improvement is a critical component of Jupiter Medical Center’s strategy to be well positioned for a successful future. 
  • Specifically, process improvement utilizes project management skills and techniques to execute projects effectively and efficiently - keeping them within scope and budget.
  • Integrating process improvement into Jupiter Medical Center’s culture is critical to ensuring its success amidst the current legislative changes affecting the healthcare industry.  As Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements decrease, Jupiter Medical Center and other healthcare providers will need to do more with fewer resources. 
  • Process improvement methodologies are new to healthcare, but for decades have proven to be successful in other industries. It is universally agreed that substantial waste exists in healthcare system processes.  Jupiter Medical Center is committed to utilizing process improvement to be on the forefront of healthcare providers in South Florida changing this perception and making efficiency in healthcare processes a reality. 


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