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Workers’ Comp. Management By The Numbers...

The cost of managing an occupational injury can be substantial, even for seemingly minor occurrences. In addition to the costs required to provide primary care, other costs may be related to the resolution of an injury, such as diagnostic tests, medical procedures, physical therapy, and specialist providers.

In addition, lost worktime, disruptions to operations and company productivity, temporary worker costs, disability awards, and increased workers’ compensation insurance premiums as a result of excessive occupational injuries, can further affect a company’s bottom line.

Jupiter Medical Center’s Occupational Health Services provides an effective approach to the management of work-related injuries. When evaluating your company’s workers’ compensation program, consider our expertise and resources to help manage injury occurrences and costs. For treatment of non-life-threatening injuries and for follow up care of injuries treated elsewhere, consider Occupational Health Services as an excellent treatment alternative and partner in your company’s workers’ compensation risk-reduction efforts.

Our Experience and Resources

Our medical staff is highly experienced in providing care of occupational injuries. We take into account such factors as the mechanism of injury and work causation. We provide effective care, utilizing as needed the extensive resources of Jupiter Medical Center, employing state of the art medical care, physical therapy, diagnostics and support services.

Our Return to Duty Philosophy

Our care approach includes returning employees promptly back to work, using alternate duty recommendations as appropriate. We work closely with employers to develop realistic alternate duty plans which permit return to work without compromising recovery.

Our Commitment to Serving the Workers’ Compensation Management Needs of our Clients

We actively communicate with our clients, keeping all parties appraised of an employee’s treatment plan, recovery progress, and modification of work restrictions. We guide the treatment and return to duty process to completion and provide clear reports and information to help provide for an efficient claims adjudication process.

Our Emphasis on Injury Prevention

Our practice features preventive services on many levels. Examples include pre-screening physical assessments that determine functional capacity, a treatment approach that emphasizes employee re-injury prevention education, and plant and facility tours to address opportunities to modify work processes to reduce the incidence of injury. We partner with our clients to help drive down the incidence of injury, with an objective of helping employers’ workers’ compensation costs to trend downward.

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Our expert team can provide your company an effective structure from which to help to reduce the incidence of injury, and more effectively manage any injuries which may occur.

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Workers’ Compensation Cost Containment: In Focus

The following suggestions can help to control workers’ compensation expenses:

  1. Require that all injuries, however minor, are reported to the company Safety Officer.
  2. Identify an Initial Medical Provider for your company.
  3. Develop a Modified Duty Program.
  4. Seek the involvement of your workers’ compensation carrier.
  5. Consider requiring preplacement physical exams prior to a new employee starting work.
  6. Consult an Occupational Healthcare Expert to assist in program implementation.

What are the Benefits of Implementing a Workers’ Compensation Cost Control Program?

  • Workers’ compensation claims management efforts will become streamlined.
  • Reductions in lost work time and related wage expenses may become realized.
  • Workers’ compensation expenses may become more effectively controlled.

What is Modified Duty?

  • Modified Duty (sometimes referred to as “light duty”) is an alternative work assignment which allows an employee to remain productive at work without interfering with their recovery from an injury.
  • Modified Duty may involve an assignment that is less strenuous than usual, with reductions in bending,
  • lifting, repetition, etc.
  • Modified Duty may also be defined as the employee’s regular job but with a reduced workday.
  • May involve the use of an assistant or assistive equip- ment for certain aspects of the job.


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Job Descriptions & Functional Requirements

Does your company have a written job description and a summary of physical requirements of all positions?

  1. Job duty information can assist an occupational physician to determine fitness for a job if an employment physical exam is performed or for recommending modified duty following an injury.
  2. A description of a position’s tasks and physical requirements will prove useful in the claims management process in determining an employee’s return to work status.

Do you Require Pre-placement Physicals?

  1. A physical exam can identify pre-existing medical and physical conditions as well as prior work related injuries.
  2. This information may have a direct impact on the efficient management of workers’ compensation claims.
  3. Many jobs require a medical clearance in order to work in hazardous environments or in specific industries and occupations.

What is a Physical Demands Asessment?

  1. A Physical Demands Assessment (PDA) can be performed by a Physical Therapist to accurately assess fitness and physical function prior to hire or as a measure of an injured employee’s recovery from an injury.
  2. The PDA content is based upon a job description and physical requirements of a position and entails an evaluation by a Physical Therapist, using special equipment and techniques to determine fitness and function.

Jupiter Medical Centers Occupational Health Services is a leader in providing workers’ compensation cost savings solutions. Our team of occupational health providers, physical therapists, and case management staff can make the difference for your company. Call us today.