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"The staff went above and beyond!"

"I delivered my baby at this beautiful facility and I couldn’t be any more pleased with the experience. My experience was amazing from triage to the labor room and then to postpartum. The nurses (Jeanette, Lauren W., Ashley, and Laura) and all the nurses that helped on the unit throughout my stay, made me feel so comfortable and informed of everything that is happening or will happen. One of the nurses during delivery took photos for my spouse and I (with approval of course) and I cherish all those pictures and memories she captured. I was happy to be discharged to home with my newborn and spouse but will always remember my lovely stay at Jupiter Medical Center and will be delivering my next child here (whenever that may be)."

"I have never had this level of care and caring on such a beautiful facility."

"I can’t say enough but about the care I received from the nurses, doctors and admin. What a fantastic place. I walked into the emergency room in pain and cannot say enough how great the staff was. They had me in surgery within a few hours. This maybe the best hospital in the country. My nurses were incredible! The doctors so helpful. My room was beautiful. For me it was close but I would travel many miles for this care."

"My thanx to Dr. Pinelli who acted as a crucial partner in doing what she does expertly."

"Re: A Thank You for an Extraordinary Journey Dr. Pinelli, Medical Director of Gynecologic Oncology at Jupiter Medical Center Just a Superstar ~ This “gentle giant” sounds like a contradiction but not so when you get to know her. She is as gentle as a new best friend but professionally a giant in her chosen field with accomplishments to back it up from the Moffitt Cancer Center to Medical Director at the Anderson Cancer Center, JMC. Having been referred to Dr. Pinelli by my Concierge-Internist, Dr. Irma Lopez in mid-February and through an immediate consultation which assured me that without further tests, she knew exactly what she had to do via a Hysterectomy to counteract the problem – not to worry is what I heard loud and clear! As a critical thinker I had an uncanny faith in what I was being told and a trust in Dr. Pinelli’s words to move forward. Due to an unexpected cancellation in scheduling, I was in her hands, all within one week’s time – the da Vinci Robotic Surgery System and laparoscopy was the means of extraction. I woke up to five, one-inch incisions and experienced no pain or discomfort. A day later I departed JMC with advice to take a Tylenol if needed! Not having been in a hospital as a patient for more than a half a century ago, I can only say JMC is equal to a five-star hotel facility with attention to detail and patient care which was exceptional amid the covid-19 lockdown! Shortly thereafter, I was ushered into the care of Dr. Debra Brandt, Medical Director of Oncology at the Anderson Cancer Center, for a continuation of care. Thus, began Act I of my recovery with Dr. Brandt but that’s another chapter for another time. My team of Doctors, acting independently but in conjunction with one another have engineered a rapid recovery program and a promising prognosis for the future. My thanx to Dr. Pinelli who acted as a crucial partner in doing what she does expertly. What a team from day one! I truly believe, the Good Lord guided me from day one, and what a team it is!"

"Dr Gary Ackerman, the best!!"

"Dr Gary Ackerman replaced my left knee in November 2020 and the procedure couldn’t have gone better. Dr Ackerman and his staff followed my progress every step of the way. I found Dr Gary caring and very proficient and professional and his staff answered all my calls promptly. I highly recommend anyone seeking to have a knee replacement see Dr Gary Ackerman as he’s the best."

"Thank you, thank you, thank you"

"I haven't been sick in over 40 years. Last week I was suffering from extreme stomach pain for over a week. I went to Dr. Maxson's office (who performed a colonoscopy back in July 2020) and met with Nikki. Dr. Maxson came in and ordered me to have a CT Scan and also gave me two antibiotics to help with the pain until I had the CT Scan a few days later. I truly believe having the CT Scan and the antibiotics helped in my situation and maybe saved me from further damage. After the CT Scan I was told to go to the ER immediately. To everyone's surprise, my appendix perforated and I was in trouble and lots of pain. The ER team was awesome...treated me with the utmost respect....a great team. I had no idea who was performing my surgery? In comes Dr. Zelnick to perform the surgery that night. The OR team was great and I honestly think Dr. Zelnick saved my life. I want to personally thank him...I was up and walking around the hospital the next day. I have three tiny little incisions that you can't even see...what a great surgeon. Thanks again to everyone...Steve"

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