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"Exceptional Care"

"I was admitted on 8/7/2022. The care I have received during both previous admissions and this current admission has always been exceptional. Your nursing staff should be a benchmark for other institutions. There are two people in particular that I feel compelled to bring to your attention. My nurse Brynn and the MRI technician Jeromy. Both have a genuine demeanor that is extremely comforting to someone who is ill and in a hospital. My nurse Brynn, was so natural in her concerns for my well-being and assistance to my needs. Whatever I needed she would accommodate very quickly and professionally. But more importantly, her personality truly made me feel like she helping me which greatly alleviated any anxiety or concerns I was having. She exceeded what one would expect. The other person that really struck a positive chord was Jeromy in the MRI department. His personality was also truly genuine. I do have mild claustrophobia. He explained the procedure, the communication ability during the procedure and shared his own experiences in such a way that I felt relieved before even being placed into the MRI machine. His communication during the procedure was also very reassuring and calming. It truly made the experience simple to endure which is not always possible. I was so appreciative of these two and the rest of your staff that I felt it should be brought to your attention that you employ such exceptional people in your hospital. I am truly grateful."

"JMC L & D nurses are the best!"

"I came in for a scheduled repeat cesarean and immediately my experience was amazing. I was so nervous although I knew what to expect, but my triage/recovery nurse Ashlyn was so calming, communicative, caring and just all around wonderful the entire time as well as all of the OR support staff during my procedure! After recovery and throughout my entire 3 day stay, I mean it when I tell you that ALL of my nurses were nothing short of spectacular. They were kind, supporting, loving, understanding, I can honestly go on and on. I’ll name drop a few that I can remember but the ones I don’t, please don’t sell them short, they were nothing less of wonderful. I just wanted to say thank you Ashlyn, Michelle, Jessica, Kelly, Sophia, and every single one of my nurses & CNA’s! I am beyond grateful for the love you shared with me and my family during my stay and I’ll remember the way you all made me feel forever."

"Excellent Service"

"I would like to thank Alicia J in medical records for her wonderful and professional assistance in helping me receive all the records and images that I need here in Michigan."

"Eternally Grateful"

"When you're in the hospital during a Covid spike, all alone and having lung surgery it's pretty scary and you'll want the best care, support, and compassion. Nurses Johnny and Erin are two of the most wonderful, caring, compassionate and qualified nurses I've ever had the pleasure of being cared for by. I couldn't have asked for better! Also, the staff of Dr Lee were amazing and went out of their way to make me feel safe and secure. Jerry and nurse Johnny were so kind and compassionate. They even went so far as to individually speak at length to three of my family members to update and reassure them of my progress. It was a great experience having these professionals in my corner and I am eternally grateful."

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"

"I want to thank the Staff in the Cardioversion Dept at Jupiter Medical Center... Special thanks to Nurses Caitlin and Melissa and all the staff in this department. They go above and beyond to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Special Thanks to my Cardiologist Dr Aggarwal for performing this procedure. My next step will be an ablation which I am a bit nervous about, however, optimistic. Anthony R Moscato"

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