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"Nurses from NICU"

"NICU floor NICU nurses . Our son was born thru C-section 2 weeks early and right after he delivery he had breathing complication. He end up in NICU and there are no words how scary is to watch baby being taking away. U think is he gonna make it or not. When we went to visit him all nurses were just so nice and so much informations they gave us it was just amazing. Our baby nurses were mostly Jill, Melisa, Emily at night shift, Rae and Rachel. All of them are just angels in our hearts! The way they take care of our son and us while we visit. There are no words how much we appreciate it and we wont forget them. They keep us updated they explained everything we need it to know. So thankful what they did for us due this difficult time. Cant say much about doctors but main heart beat of this unit are nurses. We love you and we thank you all! Alek , Alicia and Jiri ."

"Excellent Care"

"In regards to all the staff at Jupiter Medical Center we have never seen such wonderful caring people. The family of Ryan Tocco would like to thank everyone especially all the nurses that had taken care of our son. We just felt the need to express how caring and compassionate everyone is at Jupiter Medical Center and to give a very big THANK YOU to everyone."

"Nurses who care!"

"Dear Dr. Rastogi, I am writing in reference to the care I received from 12-7 through 12-16-2022 at Jupiter Medical Center. I checked in to have brain surgery on 12-7 with Dr. John Cantando. I was in ICU for 2 days and then move to the telemetry room 428 for for most of the remainder of my time. I wanted to share with you my thoughts on the care I received. First of all I want to congratulate you on some exemplary staff, doctors, nurses, CNA‘s, phlebotomists and even the food service people. They were for the most part cordial, kind and some went above and beyond what I believe they needed to, to comfort me and care for me. I just wanted to share some names of amazing CNA‘s and nursing staff that I had while receiving my care. These nurses listed below I feel went above and beyond their duty with exemplary service and care and compassion. *ICU Room 202: Mary Abey *Room 248: Sam RN Gaby RN Abigail “ Abby” RN YuJun RN David RN *Room 428 CNA’s Kahla Katherine “Katie” (day) Leisha Esther Room 110 Debbie RN Tania Paula NA I wanted you to know that they are working very hard and giving 100% for your hospital and for their patients! **The doctor on my floor was Dr. Mayer. She was arguably one of the greatest assets to that team. She listened to me and my concerns, as I have many pre-existing conditions that make my treatment difficult. Dr Mayer had wisdom and compassion and took time to be sure I received the proper care and treatment at the proper time. I was so pleased to see her every time she came by to check on me as I knew I was seen and heard and well cared for! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this brief letter. I thought you needed to know that as busy as things are in the holiday season these nurses came to work every day and worked tirelessly to care for their patients. Thank you again for hiring quality nurses and staff to care for your patience! Have a wonderful holiday season! Sincerely, Catherine Lynn Dias"

"Exceptional treatment"

"I recently had a procedure on my heart by Dr. Marcelo Jimenez. Dr Jimenez , the surgical staff, the nurses were professional, caring and gave me a wonderful experience. The doctor had great bedside manners and explained my procedure in detail. I highly recommend anyone needing a heart procedure (ablation) to consider Dr. Jimenez. His personal care for me was outstanding. The staff in ARU unit Luana, Ashley and Mark were exceptional. Very appreciative Johnny LaPonzina"

"Exceptional Care"

"I was admitted on 8/7/2022. The care I have received during both previous admissions and this current admission has always been exceptional. Your nursing staff should be a benchmark for other institutions. There are two people in particular that I feel compelled to bring to your attention. My nurse Brynn and the MRI technician Jeromy. Both have a genuine demeanor that is extremely comforting to someone who is ill and in a hospital. My nurse Brynn, was so natural in her concerns for my well-being and assistance to my needs. Whatever I needed she would accommodate very quickly and professionally. But more importantly, her personality truly made me feel like she helping me which greatly alleviated any anxiety or concerns I was having. She exceeded what one would expect. The other person that really struck a positive chord was Jeromy in the MRI department. His personality was also truly genuine. I do have mild claustrophobia. He explained the procedure, the communication ability during the procedure and shared his own experiences in such a way that I felt relieved before even being placed into the MRI machine. His communication during the procedure was also very reassuring and calming. It truly made the experience simple to endure which is not always possible. I was so appreciative of these two and the rest of your staff that I felt it should be brought to your attention that you employ such exceptional people in your hospital. I am truly grateful."

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