Jupiter Medical Center Installs Florida's First And Only Blue-light Cystoscopy

JUPITER, FLA. (October 21, 2015) –Jupiter Medical Center announced today that they will now be the first medical center in Florida to have installed Blue-Light Cystoscopy, a unique technology to detect and diagnose tumors in the bladder. This enhanced imaging procedure helps doctors find bladder tumors more easily than standard cystoscopy, which can miss some tumors that are too small to see.

“We at Jupiter Medical Center continually strive to be at the forefront of medical technology,” said John Couris, President and CEO of Jupiter Medical Center. “Investing in this world class technology will allow our doctors to catch bladder cancer early and improve outcomes. Jupiter Medical Center is deeply committed to community’s health and wellness.”

The key to the procedure is Cysview®, a contrast solution that accumulates in rapidly growing cells (such as cancer cells) and turns bright pink or red under a blue light. The benefits of this advance include:

  • Increased visibility of cancerous tissue
  • Detection of more bladder lesions than the standard cystoscopy
  • Reduction in cancer recurrence by 20% and prolonged recurrence-free survival
  • Ability for doctors to make better diagnostic and treatment decisions

Neill Borland, MD, urologist and medical director of the Genitourinary program at Jupiter Medical Center, explains, “We are excited to have this new technology for the diagnosis and treatment of bladder cancer. It helps us to identify small tumors and to better outline visible tumors than standard cystoscopy. Better visibility means better detection and more complete tumor treatment.”

The use of Blue-Light Cystoscopy aids in the detection of cancerous cells, as evident in the attached picture, which enables doctors to more carefully determine the next steps in treatment and care. Though other hospitals in South Florida have used this technology, Jupiter Medical Center is the first to have Blue-Light Cystoscopy permanently installed in its facility.

About Jupiter Medical Center

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