5 Tips for Selecting a Personal Trainer

A personal trainer can be a great way to reach your fitness goals. Trainers will help to individualize appropriate workouts for you, while making sure you maintain proper form and execution for maximum results. The expertise of a trainer can be extremely important if you are recovering from an injury, or have an ambitious goal. Working with someone on a fixed schedule also provides a sense of commitment and accountability, keeping you on track with your goals.

Personal training services are available at most fitness facilities and private trainers often run studios out of their homes or will even travel to you. With so many options, here are some tips for choosing a trainer:

  1. Check certifications. ACE, NASM and ACSM are 3 common certifying agencies; however there are many different organizations. You can check the validity of the certifying agency with the National Commission for Certifying Agencies.
  2. Ask about their experience. Even if they have been training for years, find out if they have experience training clients similar to your own demographics, limitations and goals.
  3. Ask about their coaching style. It’s important for you to find their methodology and attitude, motivating versus intimidating.

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