Fitness Center Etiquette

Most fitness centers provide an introductory session to go over facility rules and procedures. But after you find your routine, it can be easy to forget the proper fitness center etiquette. Here are some reminders of what NOT to do at your fitness center!

  1. DON’T forget to wipe down the equipment. Although staff make rounds to clean the equipment, everyone should do their share in maintaining a sanitary environment.
  2. DON’T play music without your headsets. Even though you love Michael Jackson, the person next to you might have a different taste in workout tunes.
  3. DON’T take your phone calls in the fitness center. Most workouts require a great deal of concentration and your personal phone call can easily break someone else’s focus.
  4. DON’T forget to re-rack your weights. It’s very impressive how much weight you can lift, but be mindful of the fact the next individual may not be as strong.
  5. DON’T wear scented perfumes, colognes or lotions. The fitness center is a sweaty environment… add a multitude of contrasting scents and it makes for very unpleasant combination!