Perfect Form: Bicep Curls

Improper form can hinder your results and increase your risk for injury. We consulted fitness expert and JMC at the JCC trainer, Vincent Leonard for the skinny on perfecting your bicep curl form.

The number one mistake people make when doing curls is they allow their elbows and shoulders to come forward. This isn’t ideal because the stress is taken off the biceps and transferred to the front of the shoulders. Luckily there is a simple fix for this issue:

  1. Focus on keeping your elbows and shoulders in the same place at all times during the movement.
  2. Also, keep the elbows pinned to the sides of your body and make sure the movement occurs only at the elbow joint.

Another common mistake is allowing the body to sway and not keeping stable. When this occurs the person is most likely using more weight than they should be. Remember that the bicep curl is an isolation movement and you don’t have to lift heavy weights to adequately stimulate the muscle. Try implementing these tips into your bicep curl exercises and you will definitely notice increased tension on the biceps and a reduced amount of stress on the surrounding muscles and joints.