Avoiding Holiday Heartburn

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If you suffer from heartburn or have gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), the ‘most wonderful time of the year’ can fill you with dread. Holiday parties and celebrations all centered around delicious food and delectable treats, combined can be the perfect recipe for you guessed it, heartburn.
So, what’s a sufferer to do? Follow these five tips to keep you feeling jolly.

1.) Eat Moderate Sized Portions
At a time when overindulging is common, try your best to avoid falling in with the crowd. Eating all of Santa’s cookies can cause your stomach to over produce acid to break it down. Limit your portions and you will limit your heartburn.

2.)Choose Foods Wisely
Continue to be mindful of trigger foods; tomato sauce, diary, citrus and spicy foods. Also try to avoid second helpings of that delicious holiday ham or turkey. Meat is a common culprit in acid reflux and around the holidays it is usually accompanied with a heavy sauce making it a double no-no.

3.) Skip Mint Desserts
Candy canes and chocolate mint desserts are best left for others. These dangerous holiday delectables are notorious for helping acid reflux on its way.

4.) Linger Over Your Food
Take the time to eat slowly and enjoy your food. Rushing through your meal or chewing with your mouth open can increase your chances of indigestion or heartburn. Linger over your food and allow yourself to feel full by giving your food time to digest.

5.) Limit Alcoholic Beverages
Have to have that holiday egg nog? Limit it to one glass. This festive beverage can do double the damage. Not only does it contain alcohol that irritates your stomach but it contains the added dose of diary that can cause bloating and gas.