The 12 Days of Wellness - Holiday Gifts Inspired by Bettering Your Loved Ones Health & Well-Being

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Still searching for that perfect gift? Show that special someone how much you truly care with a gift that betters your loved ones health and well-being. Whether they are into working out, eating healthy or just need to de-stress, these unique gift ideas will truly be coming from the heart.

1. For The Fitness Buff

  1. Fitness gear – yoga pants, running shoes or a new bike helmet.
  2. Bring the gym to their home – resistance bands, jump rope, yoga mats or hand weights are all great ideas.
  3. Active Adventure – Indoor rock climbing, dance classes

2. For The Foodie

  1. Cooking up a safer kitchen – meat thermometers, plastic color coded cutting boards
  2. Give a gift that can turn into a quick and healthy meal – whole grain pasta, heart-healthy olive oil, dried herbs, low-sodium tomato sauce and one decadent bottle of red wine.
  3. Cooking classes are a fun way to do something together and learn tricks of the trade.
  4. Home Chef - Spice collection, garlic press or an immersion blender to make unique smoothies and healthy sauces.
  5. Decadent treats – fill a basket with delicious whole and dried fruits (think apples, pomegranates, pears, dried apricots and cranberries) gourmet teas, coffees and rich dark chocolate.

3. For The One Who Needs A 'Silent Night'

  1. Stuff a stocking or basket with stress-busters such as cozy socks, essential oils, candles, sleep mask, bubble bath and a cozy throw.
  2. The gift of time. Offer to babysit, do some household repairs or hire a cleaning company to take care of the household chores.
  3. Schedule time for them to enjoy a massage. Put the gift certificate in with a book on meditation.
  4. Humor. Laughter has been called the best medicine. Take them to a comedy show, buy a funny DVD or book.