Holiday Wellness - Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

Estimated Reading Time: 3 Minutes

The family gatherings, the cheer, the gift-giving and the endless meals; there are so many reasons to love the holiday season. That fine line of indulging and over-indulging can easily be crossed this time of year. So, how do you start the New Year off without that extra five pounds? Follow these nine steps for little pain and no gain this holiday season.

  1. Stick to a regular routine with sleep and exercise

With so much to do, it is easy to fall off balance with your exercise routine or sleeping habits, right when you need them the most. Try to wake up and go to sleep 30 minutes earlier to tackle your workout in the morning while still ensuring you’re able to achieve adequate sleep. Can’t make it to the gym? Go for a walk with your family or get a quick sweat session in your very own living room with one of the many tutorials offered online. Do some meditation or quick stretches before bedtime to relax your mind and enable you to get that full and refreshing nights rest to tackle the next day.

  1. Watch your alcohol intake

While alcohol contains additional calories, it is also about the control. The more champagne toasts you have the less control you will have over what you eat. Try to switch between your drink of choice and a glass of water.

  1. Eat a small and healthy meal before party time

Waiting until you are starving can lead to poor meal time decisions. Have a small and healthy snack before your holiday parties to help you maintain discipline in the face of that holiday buffet table. If you do arrive hungry, have a few glasses of water first to help ward off temptation.

  1. Don’t stand by the food at the party

Unconscious snacking can easily occur while standing next to the canapes. Instead, make sure you move and mingle around the party. Not only will you be able to socialize more with all of your family and friends, but keeping yourself busy and away from the food will make sure you truly are only eating when hungry.

  1. Hungry? Try to fill up on healthy options first

With the busy season, sometimes rushing to the next gathering can be inevitable. Once arriving, try to reach for options such as vegetables without the dip, rye crackers, fruit or quality proteins such as turkey first. Add a few glasses of water to the mix and then allow yourself to pick a few indulgent items to partake in.

  1. Eat slowly

Take the time to fully enjoy the delicious delicacies your host has so graciously put together. It takes a full 20 minutes for your stomach to register being full so slow down and listen to your body. Odds are you actually may require less food than you think to feel full.

  1. Be Picky

With endless trays of mouthwatering cuisine continually floating by, it can be easy to fall prey to over indulging. Not a huge cheese lover? Pass on the Brie and opt for options that make the indulgences worth it.

  1. Take the Focus off the Food

Turn the tables and think of these events as chances to see friends and family and build memories as opposed to making the food the centerpiece of these affairs. Focus on socializing and the experience and you will find your satisfaction from the evening no longer being derived from food and drink.

  1. Always remain Positive

Try to not beat yourself up over a bad day. If you get off track just simply get back on track the next day. Remember the holidays are about enjoyment, so always stay positive.