Holiday Wellness - Travel Tips

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When traveling during the busiest time of the year, it can be easy to succumb to poor habits that can lead to you not feeling your Holly-Jolly self. Follow these eight tips to stay in tip-top holiday shape when traveling to see family and friends.


Along with hydration, sleep is your most effective way to ward off becoming ill. Make sure to get adequate rest before, during and after your travel to help your immune system.

2.Wash your hands

Make sure to wash your hands as often as possible, whether traveling by air, train or car. Pack hand sanitizer in case conditions for handwashing are not favorable.

3.Plan for Food Intolerance

If you have specific food intolerances, be sure to look up restaurants in the area that you are traveling to that can accommodate. Make sure to also pack travel and airplane safe snacks that adhere to your dietary needs so you have plenty of friendly options to choose from when hungry.


As mentioned, hydration is key to staying healthy. Make sure to drink lots of bottled water, especially while flying. Most tap water is fine however, for world travelers: bottled water is a safer bet.

5.Remember Supplements and Medications

Pack vitamin C to take along with you on your trip to help boost your immune system and considering adding a probiotic to assist in healthy digestion. Be sure to have enough of any medications you are taking to last longer than your allocated vacation time, in-case travel delays occur.

6.Stay Active

Exercise improves your over-all health and strengthens your immune system. Consider walking or bike riding instead of driving to some of the spots on your vacation.

7.Get Vaccinated

Traveling abroad? Prevention is always better than the cure, and nothing is better at protecting you from the risk of getting a disease than being vaccinated against it.