Vikki Roberts

I am 53 years old, married with one daughter and I am the owner of Roberts AV Solutions. I enjoy biking, swimming, yoga and golf. I love being outdoors, whether it be the ocean or out riding my bike on trails.

Age at Diagnosis: 52

I was at my yearly mammogram appointment June 2019 at Margaret Niedland Breast Center at Jupiter Medical Center and I had to do ultrasound too, because I have dense breasts. I was waiting for my results and the Dr. came out and said we need to do a biopsy in your right breast. I said is it a cyst? She said no it is not a cyst, my heart sank.

That weekend I was a wreck, the following week I had the biopsy and then had to wait 24 hrs to find out the results. When the Dr. called and said it was cancer, but it is treatable, all I could hear where the words cancer. I have lost my father and family members to this horrible disease, how could this be happening to me. I remember my Aunt and cousin going through breast cancer and now me.

I went to see Dr Nancy Taft, she told me I had Stage 2 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma and I would need a lumpectomy, Dr Taft and her staff explained and answered all of my questions and were very compassionate, I knew I was in good hands. The next month was filled with appointments of biopsy with markers, MRI and then they found in my left breast a papiloma lesion which would have to be removed because it could become cancerous.

My surgery was in August and I was scared, but as soon as I got to JMC and Dr. Taft explained how everything was going to be alright, I felt confident. When the surgery was over, she told me they only had to remove one lymph node which was not cancerous. The tumor was not as big and I really was only Stage 1 and I would need 4 weeks of radiation. Thank God no Chemo.

My Oncologist suggested I take the blood test to see if I was a carrier for the BRCA gene, I did and it came back negative. I had radiation every day for 4 weeks, it was scary and made me tired. After radiation was complete I had to start taking Tamoxafin an estrogen blocker that is to be taken for the next 5 years so that the cancer does not reoccur. The side effects were not good. My joints started to lock up and as a result I got frozen shoulders. This is very painful and requires physical therapy. My oncologist switched my meds. I had my required mammogram after 8 months from treatment. I had to delay because of frozen shoulder and a week before my scheduled appointment I broke a rib. I was determined to still have this mammogram, I did it with frozen shoulder and a broken rib and it came back cancer free.

It will be a year this October that I will be cancer free, but I am still pushing through with the side effects, hot flashes, night sweats, frozen shoulders and physical therapy now for 9 months. I still can’t do the things I love to do like yoga and golfing, but I am determined to heal and one day do those things again.

Message for other women: My message is to never skip a mammogram! I am proof that in just one year you never know what can happen. If I had waited another year my results would not have been that great. Do not put on hold that mammogram. Make sure you go every year, your life depends upon it.

Theme of my chair

At times I feel guilty talking about my journey because I know there are so many cancer patients who had to go through so much more, but I know everyone’s journey is different.

I did find the support groups at JMC for breast cancer to help me get through it and ask others questions and support other women too.

I feel that what got me through this journey, was being in the outdoors around nature and going on trips in our RV camping to different places. I found peace being surrounded by the beauty of the mountains and the lakes. Sitting by the campfire and looking at the stars at night, the little things you never take the time to do. You look at life differently after cancer, it makes you see things in a whole new way. I am grateful for the support of my husband of 30yrs who took care of me, my daughter and my family and friends. I cherish every minute I have with them now.

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