Your First Chemotherapy Appointment

Medical Oncologist

Prior to your first visit with us, you will have seen a medical oncologist who has developed your treatment plan. That plan has been sent to our outpatient oncology nurses, who will administer your treatment.

Receiving Treatments

Courses of chemotherapy are typically given over a period of three to twelve months. The schedule of your treatments depends on your diagnosis and the medications you are receiving. Chemotherapy is given in cycles that allow your body to rest and regain strength as it builds healthy, new cells. Treatments may be given every day, every week or every few weeks.

Blood Work

Your blood levels will be checked before you are treated or as ordered by your physician. If your blood levels drop too low, your doctor may decide to delay your treatment or reduce the dose of your chemotherapy medications.

Length of Treatment

The length of your treatment depends on the medications ordered. It could be as brief as thirty minutes, or as long as eight hours. You will be seated in a comfortable recliner and have access to a television. If you would like to bring in relaxing music, you are welcome to do so. Family or friends are welcome to come with you for your treatment. If you are here for treatment during the lunch hours, we will provide a complimentary meal for you. Family and friends are welcome to visit the hospital cafeteria.

Remember: It is important to be your own best health advocate. Carefully follow all home care instructions you are given, and report any unusual symptoms you may be experiencing to your health care team.