Electron Intraoperative radiation therapy can reduce a six-week radiation cycle to just one day!

Imagine a day when breast cancer treatment takes just one day instead of three months. For certain women treated with electron intraoperative radiation therapy (e-IORT), that day is here.

Jupiter Medical Center is among the first to bring this revolutionary technology to breast cancer patients in our region. For numerous patients, it offers a treatment alternative that’s not only faster, but highly effective. Treatment includes combining therapy with an initial, concentrated dose of radiation. In the best of cases, this single dose of radiation will be all a patient needs. For others, this breakthrough will cut in half their required course of radiation treatment.

A Single Dose of Radiation Can Kill Microscopic Diseases

The Linac 12 is a mobile electron beam linear accelerator that delivers a single dose of radiation to a tumor bed during surgery, allowing patients to be treated quickly, without moving them from the operating table. This advanced technology helps kill microscopic disease and in some cases, can completely eliminate the need for up to six weeks of postoperative radiation.

  • Potential benefits include:
  • Shortened treatment time
  • Reduced radiation exposure
  • Excellent cosmetic results
  • Faster return to normal daily activities

If you have breast cancer, you have a choice when deciding where to get treatment. No other hospital in Florida has more experience with e-IORT than Jupiter Medical Center.