Cancer Care Treatments

At the Anderson Family Cancer Insitute, you have access to leading-edge treatment options, delivered by a team of caring, compassionate physicians, specialized oncology nurses and allied health professionals with special training in the care of cancer patients. Our goal is to bring you the highest quality experience and the best possible outcomes.

Jupiter Medical Center is the first regional medical center in the country to adopt IBM Watson for Oncology.

This new technology gives our world-class cancer team the ability to make more personalized and informed decisions about treatment options for patients.

Patients’ cases are reviewed at conferences by a multidisciplinary team of experts who are subspecialists in numerous types of cancer. Pathology and imaging studies are reviewed, treatment options are discussed, and a comprehensive, personalized plan of care is developed for each patient.

For certain types of cancer, patients also have access to multidisciplinary clinics. Physicians and allied health professionals meet with patients in ONE day, providing a comprehensive evaluation and a consensus on the plan of care. This process eliminates the need for visits with multiple physicians, saves time and expedites treatment.

Team Approach

At Jupiter Medical Center, we pride ourselves on providing cancer care of the highest quality. That’s why we offer multidisciplinary clinics where patients can receive a comprehensive evaluation and consensus on each patient’s plan of care from several physician experts and our support services team in ONE appointment. Coordinated scheduling allows patients to be seen within days of diagnosis.