Clinical Research

Clinical research is one of the most important weapons in the continuing fight against disease. At Jupiter Medical Center, our vision is to practice medicine as it is done at academic research institutions, coordinating and conducting clinical research to improve the standard of care and treatment for our patients.

Through our work in research, patients of Jupiter Medical Center have access to clinical trials that address many aspects of their health, including new or potentially more effective forms of treatment, methods of prevention, ways of screening, and state-of-the-art approaches to improve comfort and quality of life.

Improving Healthcare Around the Globe

Jupiter Medical Center participates in clinical studies and collaborates with national research organizations to bring research trials to those in the hospital (inpatients) and those receiving medical treatment without being hospitalized (outpatients). Our research program is dedicated to science, discovery, and improving the health and wellness of our community by bringing alternative treatment options through cutting-edge research.

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