Diabetes Education

Ongoing medical care and education are important in preventing acute and chronic problems and to help reduce the risk of long-term complications. We provide education to adults, women with gestational diabetes, and children. We teach you and your family more about the disease, how to control it, and better yet, how to live with it through lifestyle changes.

  • Our educational focus can provide you with the tools to manage:
  • Blood glucose monitoring and medications
  • Nutritional needs – individual meal plan, food label reading, dining out and carb counting
  • Behavioral modifications – problem solving, goal setting, behavior change strategies and stress management
  • Exercise
  • Travel
  • Prevention of complications and sick days

You can be assured that you will be cared for by a certified staff that has been specially trained to help you make the right decisions to effectively manage your diabetes.

Diabetes Self-Management Education Group Classes

  • Group diabetes education classes provide eight hours of education
  • Support groups/community activities & resources
  • Daytime or evening classes available
  • Insulin pump instruction
  • Education available in Spanish

Individual Consultation Services

  • Medical nutrition therapy for diabetes and other medical conditions
  • Annual two-hour Medicare follow up, physician’s prescription required
  • Diabetes education
  • Gestational diabetes management
  • Insulin pump instruction
  • Insulin instruction

Hear from patients about their experiences with the Diabetes program at Jupiter Medical Center:

“It has refreshed my knowledge on the topic and I’m much more educated in knowing do’s and don’ts.”

“Way better understanding of diabetes.”

“Motivated to check my blood sugar levels and watch foods eaten.”

“Has removed fear from denial and guilt. Now I just need to implement what I learned.”

“I understand what I need to do to keep myself healthy.”

“It provided concrete examples on how to implement strategies.”