Laboratory Services

At Jupiter Medical Center, we know how important convenient, timely and accurate laboratory test results are to both patients and physicians. Our laboratory provides a wide range of general clinical laboratory services, esoteric testing and anatomic pathology services. In addition to serving thousands of hospital patients and outpatients each year, we are the laboratory of choice for local physician offices, skilled nursing and assisted living facilities.

About Us

  • Service
  • You can trust Jupiter Medical Center for high quality, cost-effective testing. Our lab has some of the most advanced equipment enabling us to provide comprehensive services.
  • Accuracy
  • Our phlebotomists are specially trained and certified to perform tests with technical precision and attention to detail. Board-certified pathologists and medical technologists/technicians work within our laboratory to ensure the integrity of every test and delivery of rapid, accurate results to physicians and providers.
  • Courier Services
  • Our professional couriers are available to pick up patient samples from physician offices, skilled nursing and assisted living facilities. For courier services, call 561-263-5015.

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