Frank Jackson's Story

Former boat captain Frank Jackson is thrilled with the results he is experiencing so soon after his bilateral knee replacement surgery performed by orthopedic surgeon Gary Ackerman, MD. “I can’t believe that the pain is gone,” says Jackson, 61, just three days after surgery, smiling from ear to ear. Frank was diagnosed with arthritis in both knees and has endured excruciating pain for years. "After hearing all of my father’s horror stories of his knee surgery 20 years ago, I am stunned at how well my surgery has worked! Mostly I’m happy I will be able to keep up with my wife!”

Joanne Farley's Story

"I wish to applaud Dr. Andrew Noble and his team for the excellent experience I had with a total hip replacement. Sharon, in the office is outstanding in her efficiency and kindness. As far as the surgical procedure went, the new pharmaceutical protocol is amazing. I never had to take the pain killer that was prescribed for break through pain - as I never had any. After going home, I had physical therapy and occupational therapy came to the house. I was able to reach all of their goals for me in a week. I used a walker for 10 days and walked independently after that. By the way - I'll be 81 in March!"

Sharon‘s Story

Sharon had right total hip arthroplasty with Mako-assisted robotic guidance and navigation on March 19, 2019. “I chose Dr. Lyall Ashberg because I was impressed with the precision of the robotic system.” Prior to surgery she attended the preoperative class at Jupiter Medical Center which she found very helpful. After an overnight stay Sharon returned home with physical therapy, she continues physical therapy at the outpatient clinic in her community. “Everybody at Jupiter Medical Center was great, the hospital was clean, people were courteous and helpful. It was a good experience.” She’s had a great recovery, within a week she was resuming activities and a month after surgery considers herself almost completely back to normal. “This was a very fast recovery, I’m very happy with the outcome.”