Hip Revision Surgery

What Is Hip Revision Surgery?

Hip replacements are among the most common procedures performed by orthopedic surgeons, and the vast majority of patients have excellent results. Unfortunately, hip replacements wear out over time. Revision hip replacement surgery is a procedure to replace a worn out hip replacement implant. Hip replacements wear out very slowly, but the problem does progress over the years. When the prosthesis wears out, patients will require a revision hip replacement surgery.

Why Do Hip Replacements Wear Out?

Hip replacements can wear out for various reasons. The most common cause of a hip replacement wearing out occurs when the hip implants become loose within the bone. A loose hip implant tends to be painful and usually requires revision hip replacement.

Other causes for a hip replacement wearing out include:

  • Infection
  • Breaking of the prosthesis
  • Breaking of the bone around the prosthesis
  • Wear and tear over time or other complications

Depending on the cause of the implant failing, treatment other than revision hip replacement may be needed. For example, in the case of infection, the hip replacement may need to be removed to treat the infection, followed by the revision hip replacement later.

What Do You Need To Know About The Problem With Revision Hip Replacements?

Revision hip replacements are more complicated surgeries and the outcomes may not be as good as the first hip replacement. Technical problems include the quality of the bone and the ability to adequately secure the revision hip replacements into position. Furthermore, removing the old hip replacement can necessitate more extensive surgery. Together, these problems often require the revision hip replacement to be much more complex. Careful planning by your orthopedic surgeon is needed to ensure he or she will be able to construct a hip that will allow you to adequately recover.

How Do I Know When I Need Revision Hip Replacement?

You and your surgeon will decide when the time is right for this surgery. In some cases, patients do not have many symptoms, but X-ray studies show reasons to consider the revision hip replacement. This is a complex surgery that requires careful consideration and planning. If you have a hip replacement and think you may need revision surgery, discuss your options with your orthopedic surgeon.