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Thoracic surgery refers to surgery performed on the lungs, esophagus, chest wall, and mediastium. It is used to treat cancer as well as a range of esophageal disorders, including myasthenia gravis/thymomas, mediastinal masses, and esophageal disorders such as achalasia and Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD). Just a decade ago, most surgeries were “open” or invasive procedures in which a surgeon made a large incision. In the case of lung cancer, the cut could be several inches long as a surgeon maneuvered between the ribs to remove a tumor.

Today, minimally invasive techniques have changed the standard of care for virtually all types of surgery. “Surgery for lung cancer at Jupiter Medical Center combines the best of everything,” explains K. Adam Lee, medical director of the Thoracic Surgery and Lung Center of Excellence, “including thoracic surgeons experienced in the latest minimally invasive techniques, cutting-edge robotic technology and multidisciplinary collaboration across disciplines and fields of study. At the Frank E. & Mary D. Walsh Robotic Surgery Program at Jupiter Medical Center, we use the latest advances including robotic-assisted thoracic surgery (RATS) and video-assisted thorascopic surgery (VATS).”

Traditionally, surgeons use thoracotomy surgery to biopsy or remove tissue from the lungs. This open chest procedure has a higher risk of infection and complications as well as a longer recovery time for patients. Through the minimally invasive RATS approach, surgeons reduce these risks with a more accurate procedure. RATS requires only small incisions in the chest, rather than one large incision. The surgeon views a magnified, 3D-image of the patient’s lungs and chest. Then, using robotic technology to translate hand movements into precise actions, the surgeon performs the procedure. According to Dr. Lee, “Patients experience less pain, scarring and since the RATS procedure causes less trauma to the body, recovery time is also reduced.”


  • Lobectomy - Patients with early stage Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer can be treated with a surgical procedure called lobectomy, where lung lobes with cancer lesions are surgically removed.
  • Thymectomy - Patients with Myasthenia Gravis - a neuromuscular disorder causing muscle weakness - can be treated with a procedure called thymectomy, where they thymus gland is surgically removed.
  • Mediastinal Resections - Patients with tumors or masses in the chest cavity between the lungs can be treated with a procedure called resection of mediastinal masses, where the masses are removed through a small incision.
  • Myotomy - Patients with Achalasia - a disorder affecting the ability of the esophagus to move food to the stomach - can be treated with a procedure called myotomy, where the esophageal muscle is repositioned.
  • Belsey Fundoplasty - Patients with GERD can be treated with a procedure called Belsy Fundoplasty, where the esophagus is surgically corrected.

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