Balance Program

Feeling a bit off balance?

Every 11 seconds an older adult is treated in an emergency room for a fall-related injury. Many older adults experience a fear of falling. People who develop this fear often limit their activities, which can result in physical weakness, making the risk of falling even greater. The good news is that many falls can be prevented.

Jupiter Medical Centers Balance Program offers specialized balance testing with BODITRAK technology. This technology allows us tos see what is happening under your feet and gain a better understanding of your balance issues and how to address them.

How we interact with the ground dictates how successfully we move and stay vertical. Balance control is necessary to maintain stability while rising from a chair, walking, turning and performing other everyday life activities.

BODITRAK helps us train balance in an interactive way by providing detailed, real time visual feedback regarding balance versus just feeling unsteady. Improving your balance decreases your risk of falling.

Our skilled professionals will assess your balance and if medically necessary will develop a personalized program that is right for you. That may include physical therapy. Balance classses and personal training is also available at an additional cost.

If your assessment determines that physical therapy is medically necessary your insurance will be billed. Most types of insurance are accepted and cover therapy.

Appointments are required. Cost of the assessment is $50. For information or to schedule a BODITRAK Balance assessment, call 561-263-5775.