Golf Health Program

Jupiter Medical Center’s Golf Health Program has a team of Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certified golf medical professionals qualified to assess your body for golf readiness and compatibility for your sport.

If pain is getting in the way of your golf game, our comprehensive golf health assessment is designed to help identify where you may be driving adverse forces into your body versus healthy forces into the ball.

Get back into the swing of things.

Surround yourself with the professional golf resources of a tour pro! Jupiter Medical Center now brings access to technology to analyze your swing and address your orthopedic limitations.

  • Jupiter Medical Center’s Golf Health Program offers a four-part diagnostic assessment:
  • Evaluation utilizing the 6D- KVest multi-sensor swing technology which analyzes the mechanics of a golfer’s swing at a rate of 120 frames per second
  • Evaluation using the BodiTrak Golf System in order to measure balance distribution, center of pressure and ground force
  • TPI 16-point physical exam, specific to the elements of the golf swing and golf-playing readiness
  • Golf-specific orthopedic evaluation

Once the diagnostic assessment is completed and analyzed, the Jupiter Medical Center team will develop a full report of all areas of concern, complete with strategic recommendations for golfers with orthopedic issues.


  • Comprehensive Golf Diagnostic Assessment
  • $200
    Golf-specific orthopedic evaluation by a golf medical professional
    16-point golf-specific physical evaluation
    6D kinematic swing efficiency evaluation
    Interpretation of data
    Reporting and recommendations with the players golf pro team
  • 30-Minute Golf Assessment
  • $80
    (either K-Vest or BodiTrak or TPI Screen)
  • Golf Rehabilitation Services
  • $80