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Managing Your Medicines During Pregnancy
2-Sep-2021 - All medicines have certain risks and benefits, but some aren’t safe to use when you’re pregnant. And each woman’s situation is different. Before you start—or stop—taking any over-the-counter, herbal, or prescription medicine, it’s important to talk with your healthcare provider.
What You Need to Know About Cancer Prevention
30-Aug-2021 - Research shows that many people don’t know about other lifestyle factors that can affect their risk of developing the disease. Here are three you should know about and what you can do to reduce your cancer risk.
The Great Pumpkin Workout
30-Aug-2021 - Want to add some fun, fall flavor to your exercise routine? Instead of pumping iron to build muscle strength, try hefting a pumpkin.
Take Steps to Protect Your Kidneys
30-Aug-2021 - You’ve seen how a coffee filter keeps grounds out of your morning cup of joe. Your kidneys work much the same way, straining waste products from your blood.
Little Bookworms
30-Aug-2021 - Reading to your kids early has benefits that last a lifetime.
Don’t Forget to Talk About Memory Problems
30-Aug-2021 - Many of us worry about developing memory problems as we age. So it is surprising that less than half of adults with memory concerns have discussed them with a healthcare provider.
COVID-19 Vaccines: Dispelling the Myths
30-Aug-2021 - COVID-19 vaccines are still relatively new. It’s understandable to have questions about them. There is a lot of information out there—and at least as much misinformation. Knowing what to believe can be a challenge.
Alcohol: Friend or Foe to Women’s Health?
30-Aug-2021 - The news on alcohol is confusing at best. On one hand, researchers say that moderate drinking helps prevent heart disease. On the other hand, they say drinking increases the risk of breast and other cancers, as well as other health problems. So, is it good for women to drink … or not?
3 Heart-Friendly Ways to Upgrade Your Day
30-Aug-2021 - Isn’t everyone looking for ways to enjoy their days more—with less effort? Try this heart-friendly advice.
Lifesaving Truths About Hypertension
26-Jul-2021 - If you have high blood pressure, you may think it’s the result of the normal aging process. The truth is, unhealthy eating patterns and certain medical conditions can cause high blood pressure, and many factors can increase your risk. Yet many myths continue to circulate about the disease.
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