Monitoring Your Blood Sugar
Monitoring your blood sugar levels can help you control your diabetes and reduce your risk for developing complications.
Eating Healthy
What you eat affects your blood sugar levels. Find out more about good nutrition and how it can help you manage your diabetes.
Being Active
Exercise is a great way to help control your diabetes. It helps lower your blood sugar and keeps your weight down.
Taking Medication
Medications are often part of your diabetes treatment plan. It's important to understand the different types of medications and how they work.
Managing Your Weight
Losing extra pounds is one way to help control your diabetes. But fad diets are out—slow, steady weight loss is the healthier route.
You can do a lot to manage diabetes on your own. The first step is to choose a healthy lifestyle.
Working With Your Healthcare Provider
Your diabetes health care team includes not only your doctor, but also many other health care professionals who play an important role in your care.
Staying Motivated
It's normal to feel overwhelmed at times when you have diabetes. Find out what you can do to stay in control.