Infant Nutrition
Choosing how to feed your baby is an important decision that has life-long effects for your baby and for you.
Feeding Guide for the First Year
It's important to feed your baby a variety of healthy foods at the proper time. Solid foods should not be started before 4 months of age.
Detailed information on bottle-feeding, including information on the different types of baby formula
Breastfeeding Basics
The most important thing to do when your milk first comes in is to move the milk out of your breasts by feeding your baby frequently.
Breastfeeding Difficulties
You may experience sore nipples, plugged milk ducts, or low milk production. A lactation consultant can help you solve these problems.
Going Back to Work
Be sure your employer understands that continued breastfeeding is not just good for your baby—it's also good for the company.
Pumping and Storing Breast Milk
Learn about how to properly collect and store breast milk, especially if it is to be frozen and stored for weeks or months.
Breastfeeding Your High-Risk Newborn
The milk of mothers who give birth prematurely is somewhat different from milk produced by women after a full-term baby's birth.