Maternal Nutrition and Breastfeeding
Women who are breastfeeding should eat a well-balanced, varied diet and drink enough liquids.
Breast Milk Is the Best Milk
Your milk contains just the right balance of nutrients, and it contains them in a form most easily used by the human baby's immature body systems.
Effective Breastfeeding
Think there’s only one way to breast-feed? Think again! Moms can position their babies in several positions during feeding time that can be comfortable for both.
Effective Sucking
It’s important for your baby’s health to be able to effectively remove milk from your breast during nursing. To do this, your baby must learn the proper way to suck. But how do you know if your baby is actually getting the nutrition he/she needs? Here’s a guide to help you.
Breastfeeding: Getting Started
The first weeks of breastfeeding should be considered a learning period for both you and your baby. Don't expect to work as a coordinated team immediately.
How Milk Is Made
Detailed information on how breast milk is made for breastfeeding