Acne Quiz
Learn about acne with this multiple-choice quiz. You'll learn, for example, which factors promote blackheads.
Activity Quiz
Ready to start exercising, but don't know where to start? This quiz can get you off on the right foot.
Addiction Quiz
Addiction to drugs or alcohol can happen to anyone of any age, social status, race, or income level. Find out more by taking this quiz.
Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a common mental affecting millions of children.
Adult Immunizations Quiz
True or false: Polio vaccines should be kept up-to-date throughout your lifetime.
Advance Directive Quiz
How important is it to draw up a living will? Take this quiz and find out.
Age-Related Macular Degeneration Quiz
Millions of Americans are affected by age-related macular degeneration, a disease that damages the eye's central vision. To learn more about macular degeneration, take this quiz.
Alcohol Abuse Quiz
Misusing alcohol can lead to serious problems. Learn more about the effects of abusing alcohol by taking this quiz.
Allergies Quiz
Allergies are nothing to sneeze at. Learn how to better deal with this condition.
Alternative and Complementary Medicine Quiz
Many people swear by alternative and complementary therapies. Find out more about these treatments by taking this quiz.
Altitude Sickness Quiz
Gazing down on the spectacular view from a mountaintop can take your breath away. That breathlessness is oftentimes more than just an awestruck reaction to the sights. It can be a symptom of altitude sickness, an illness that can strike hikers, mountain climbers, skiers and anyone who hits the 8,000-foot mark on a mountain.
Alzheimer Disease Quiz
Find out more about this degenerative disease of the brain by taking this quiz.
Anemia Quiz
Answer this one: What is the most common cause of anemia?
Anthrax Quiz
Anthrax is a serious disease that can affect the skin, lungs, and digestive tract. Learn more about this disease by taking this quiz.
Antibiotics Quiz
Antibiotics have been called "wonder drugs," because of their ability to treat bacterial infections that were once deadly. Antibiotics have saved countless lives since they were first introduced 60 years ago. But over use of these drugs has allowed some bacteria to become resistant to them.
Aplastic Anemia Quiz
Aplastic anemia is a rare blood disorder that affects the growth of blood cells. "Aplastic" means "lack of growth."
Appendix Quiz
The human appendix is a 3- to 6-inch narrow tube located where the small and large intestines join. It's mostly known for becoming inflamed, affecting thousands of Americans each year. To learn more about the appendix, take this quiz.
Arthritis Quiz
True or False: Arthritis affects only the wrist, ankle, and knee joints.
Aspirin Quiz
Each year, more than a million Americans die of heart attacks and other forms of heart disease. Low-dose aspirin therapy is one weapon in the arsenal against heart disease that also includes healthy dieting, adequate exercise, and not smoking. Learn more about aspirin's role in combating heart disease by taking this quiz
Asthma Awareness Quiz
Find out how much you know about asthma basics with this quiz.
Asthma in Children Quiz
Are you a parent of a child with asthma? Take this quiz and stop feeling guilty.
Asthma Knowledge Quiz
Do you know tobacco smoke's effect on asthma? What about asthma's effect on pregnancy? Find out the answers to these and other questions by taking this quiz.
Asthma Quick-Relief Medicine Quiz
Quick-relief asthma medicine helps you during an asthma flare-up. Find out more about this important part of your asthma treatment by taking this quiz.
Asthma Triggers Quiz
Asthma flare-ups can be started by things known as triggers. Do you know what can trigger asthma? Test your knowledge.
Athlete's Foot Quiz
The itching caused by athlete's foot can be intense. Named for the active people who seem most prone to this condition, athlete's foot can affect even couch potatoes. Find out more by taking this multiple-choice quiz.
Atopic Dermatitis Quiz
Atopic dermatitis is a chronic, inherited skin condition that affects millions of Americans. The following quiz offers helpful facts about the condition.
Autism Quiz
Autism is a developmental disability that usually starts in early childhood. Because different children can have widely different symptoms, autism is classified as a "spectrum disorder," which means it is a group of disorders with similar features.
Autoimmune Diseases Quiz
Test your knowledge of these serious—and mysterious—class of diseases.
Back Care Quiz
Back pain is a common complaint, but how serious is it? Take this quiz and see how much you know about back care.
Back Pain Quiz
Answer this one: What position is best for your back when you sleep?
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