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Life After Cancer: What Is a Cancer Survivorship Care Plan?
A survivorship care plan is a personalized document to help you move forward after cancer treatment.
Cancer Survivorship: Life After Cancer
After you finish cancer treatment, what's next? Cancer treatment keeps getting better. Millions of people are now living life after cancer.
Understanding the Provisions of Your Managed Care Plan
Managed care, by definition, is a comprehensive method of managing and coordinating medical care you receive. The goal of case management is to coordinate and facilitate access to medical care, while adhering to the guidelines and provisions of your health benefit plan.
Life After Cancer: Continuing To Be a Caregiver
Being a caregiver for a cancer survivor can be challenging. You may find that the issues are different from those during treatment. But cancer survivors can still have ongoing physical and emotional issues after treatment ends.
Breast Health: Preventive Care
To monitor your breast health, you should get a year clinical exam and mammograms as directed by your doctor.