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Should Pregnant Women Worry About X-Rays?
If you break a bone or get into a car accident while pregnant, a health care provider may need to give you a scan, such as an X-ray, to see what’s going on. But wait—isn’t that dangerous for your baby?
Smoke Out the Truth on E-Cigarettes
Electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes, might be a popular new way to smoke, but that doesn’t mean they’re safe. Even though these devices don’t use tobacco, they still contain nicotine—a highly addictive drug.
Sports Safety
Because children's bodies are still growing and their coordination is still developing, children are more susceptible than adults to sports injuries.
Stay Awake Behind the Wheel
When you're behind the wheel, you may believe that you can stop yourself from falling asleep, but you can't. You may not even know you've dozed off.
Stay Safe When You’re in the Hospital
Being active and involved in care decisions and taking extra precautions to avoid infection when in a hospital can help keep you and your family safe.
Steer Clear of Sports Supplements
Youths see their sports heroes using what seem to be magic potions, and they want to do it, too.
Stop Dating Abuse Before It Starts
Teen dating violence is worrisome. But it's not inevitable. Here's how you and your teen can avoid possibly unsafe situations and reduce the risk for problems.
Street Hockey: Good Surface, Gear Are Critical
Street hockey is popular because it's cheaper than regular hockey and can be played anywhere there is a hard surface.
Take Care When Raking Leaves
Raking and disposing of leaves is more than a chore. It's a vigorous aerobic workout. Although exercise is good for you, this workout is full of demanding repetitive motions.
Take Care with Nasal Sprays
A medicated nasal decongestant spray may offer fast relief when your nose is congested and running. But using them for too long can cause problems. Learn about some other options, as well as how to treat young children.
Taking NSAIDs Safely
Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines are a popular choice for pain relief. But even though you can buy them without a prescription, that doesn’t mean they aren’t without risks. Here’s what you need to know to use them properly.
Test Your Savvy on … Food Safety
Take this short food safety quiz to ensure your health.
Toy Safety—Identifying High-Risk Situations
Small toys or toys with small removal parts are not appropriate for children ages 3 and younger.
Trampoline Safety
Home trampolines are popular and seem like lots of fun, but they're also dangerous. They cause thousands of injuries every year in the U.S.
Unwrap the Gift of Toy Safety
Your challenge is to find toys that your children will enjoy and that you know are safe.
Use Your Medicines Wisely
Although most medicines are safe when you take them the right way, some of them can cause dizziness, loss of consciousness, bleeding, irregular heartbeats, and other side effects in some cases.
Vaping and E-Cigarettes
Major health concerns have been raised about e-cigarettes. Here's what you need to know.
Water-Safety 101: Basic Guidelines
Every year, thousands of Americans are injured or killed in boating and swimming accidents.
What Are the Health Effects of Air Pollution?
A look at some of the major air pollutants, and how they can affect you.
What to Do If You Have to Evacuate Your Home
Consider in advance what kinds of disasters might strike your area. Do you live in an earthquake zone? Is flooding a possibility? Then think about what you'll do in an emergency.
What to Look for on OTC Medicine Labels
Always read the label. All OTC medicine labels have detailed usage and warning information to help you choose and use the products.
Why Keeping Expired Medications Is a Bad Idea
Taking a few minutes to sort through and safely dispose of medicine that’s expired or no longer needed is important for your health and the safety of others.
Your Ticket to Summer Travel Safety
You packed your clothes, bathing suit, camera, and shoes. If you’re traveling this summer, there are some other essentials you should bring along to help you stay healthy and safe.
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