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Maternity Leave
The length of time given for a paid maternity leave of absence varies among companies. Some women extend their maternity leaves by taking additional weeks of unpaid leave.
Breastfeeding and Returning To Work
Detailed information on breastfeeding while at work
Planning to Be Away from Your Baby: Introducing a Bottle
You’ve been breastfeeding your baby up until now—but it’s time to return to work. You haven’t given her a bottle with breast milk yet. When should you make the change? Here are tips to make a successful transition from breast to bottle.
Topic Index - Normal Newborn
Detailed information on newborn care
Your High-Risk Baby and Expressing Milk
The benefits of breastmilk are even higher for babies who are born high-risk. Read on for helpful information on breast pumps, methods for expressing milk, freezing extra breastmilk, and more.