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Trusted, Caring and Courageous: Nurses Are Among the Heroes on the Frontline of Health Care

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  • Written By: Jupiter Medical Center
Trusted, Caring and Courageous: Nurses Are Among the Heroes on the Frontline of Health Care

When you consider that people turn to nurses when they are at their most vulnerable, it’s easy to understand why Americans have consistently voted nurses as the most trusted professionals. In fact, nurses have ranked highest among all professionals for their honesty and ethical standards for 18 consecutive years, according to polls conducted annually by the Gallup organization.

The bond of trust between nurses and their patients is one of the driving reasons that I chose nursing as a career. Nurses are at the bedside daily, providing moment-to-moment care. They monitor vital signs and symptoms, dispense medication, assess the patient's progress, communicate any changes to physicians, inform family members on the status of their loved one’s condition, and ensure that patient safety is always at the forefront.

Their commitment to patient care has never been more evident than today, as nurses and other frontline caregivers around the world treat patients battling COVID-19, the illness caused by the novel coronavirus. We are witnessing their heroism in real time. No matter what department – from the emergency department to the intensive care unit, and all areas in between – Jupiter Medical Center’s nurses have been phenomenal. They are communicating, collaborating, and supporting each other, all while doing all they can to care for their patients. Yes, they are fearful at times, but healthy trepidation is natural when you encounter a new virus that has proven to be so dangerous. Our nurses’ dedication, compassion, and bravery have outweighed their fears, and we are doing all that we can to support them every step of the way.

Because we recognized the potential threat of the coronavirus early on, Jupiter Medical Center began preparing for the possibility of a global pandemic. That gave us the opportunity to begin developing screening tools, practicing donning and doffing PPE and educating our team members on how to identify potential patients with COVID-19. We were also able to marshal supplies and equipment to support our clinical team and prepare for the eventuality of a surge of COVID-19 patients.

Our community has also responded to this crisis with remarkable acts of generosity in support of our hospital. The contributions have been inspiring – ranging from medical supplies and equipment, to financial gifts to our COVID-19 Relief Fund, gift cards, food donations, beautiful handmade masks for our nonclinical team, and more. We especially appreciate the way our community has embraced physical distancing, frequent handwashing, sheltering in place, wearing facial coverings in public, and other tactics to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

Although I no longer work at the bedside, I have the privilege of working with the outstanding nurses at Jupiter Medical Center. As the interim chief nursing officer, my role is to ensure that our nurses have the support they need to care for our patients. We also provide assistance to help them be successful in their careers. More than 85 percent of our nurses have advanced degrees or national certification, and we expect that number to increase in the years ahead.

In less than two weeks, hospitals across the country will celebrate National Nurses Week and pay tribute to individuals who represent the largest group in health care. The celebration will begin on May 6, known as National Nurses Day, and continue through May 12, the birthday of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing. Last December, the World Health Organization named 2020 the Year of the Nurse and Midwife to coincide with Nightingale’s 200th birthday. Although she might likely be amazed by the technology that is now available for nurses, Nightingale would surely be pleased to learn that the basic principles of hygiene she advocated for more than 100 years ago are instrumental today in our battle against COVID-19.

Nightingale also would be proud of the heroic work that nurses are now undertaking, and I’m sure she would join us in saluting them for their efforts. They are indeed America’s most trusted professionals and now more than ever, true #HealthCareHeroes.

Pam Canter

Vice President & Chief Nursing Officer