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Comprehensive Pediatric Care Services

From newborns and toddlers to adolescents and teenagers, Jupiter Medical Center is proud to partner with Nicklaus Children’s Hospital to ensure your child receives the best possible pediatric care. Our renowned pediatric team works day and night to provide comprehensive services using the most advanced technologies, equipment, and treatments available.

We know that finding a pediatric health care provider you feel safe and comfortable with can be overwhelming, and it is our goal to put your mind at ease. When you choose us, you and your family have access to our world-class medical care to help address virtually any of your child’s needs. You can trust that our compassionate and knowledgeable pediatric team puts the health and well-being of your child first.

Our pediatric services include:

  • Inpatient Care: Our De George Pediatric Unit is a family-centered environment featuring state-of-the-art medical and therapeutic services that address an array of pediatric conditions.
  • Therapy: Our pediatric therapy program includes both inpatient services and outpatient care. Our speech-language pathologists and occupational and physical therapists provide individualized programs to meet each child’s challenges.
  • Imaging: Our pediatric imaging services, including pediatric MRI, are nationally accredited. We also offer sedation during an MRI with a Pediatric Anesthesiologist to help your child lie still and remain comfortable during the scan. Our team is proud to be designated an “Image Gently” facility by the American College of Radiology for our commitment to quality, safe, and compassionate imaging.
  • Emergency Services: The Mastroianni Family Pediatric Emergency Department is a separate wing with a team of dedicated pediatric physicians and nurses available 24/7, as well as innovative Telehealth technology to relay vital information in real-time. We treat thousands of youngsters each year—nursing them back to health from illness and injury, while making them feel comfortable and safe.
  • Surgical Services: Our surgical facilities and equipment are specifically designed for children to ensure their experience is as comfortable as possible. Additionally, our Board-Certified pediatric surgeon treats an array of conditions and use minimally invasive, or laparoscopic techniques whenever appropriate.
  • Child Life Specialist: Being in a hospital or emergency room can be stressful for anyone, especially a child. At Jupiter Medical Center, we strive to treat the whole patient, not just the condition, our child life specialist is here to help your child navigate the process of hospitalization utilizing developmentally appropriate explanations.
  • Diabetes Education: Our qualified team offers extensive diabetes education customized to the unique needs of your child and your family situation, so they feel confident and comfortable managing the disease.

Mastroianni Family Pediatric Emergency Department at Jupiter Medical Center

Accidents happen, and if the unthinkable should occur, it’s important to know that you have a local emergency department on your side that is specially equipped to handle pediatric cases. We utilize the most advanced diagnostic technologies and medical equipment designed specifically for small patients, our dedicated pediatric physicians and nurses can quickly and accurately diagnose the problem for faster and more thorough treatment.

We are constantly investing in leading-edge technology to maximize your child’s comfort and safety, and our entire pediatric staff is here to help your child feel their best.

Reach our pediatric team today by calling us at 561-263-5437.

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