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Board of Trustees

Board Members

  • Martin Dytrych
    Martin A. Dytrych, CPA Chairman
  • Mark L. Corry, MD photo
    Mark L. Corry, MD
  • Henri J. DesPlaines photo
    Henri J. DesPlaines
  • Michele D. Deverich photo
    Michele D. Deverich
  • Rosanne M. Duane, Esq. photo
    Rosanne M. Duane, Esq.
  • Lee Fox, MD photo
    Lee Fox, MD Chief of Staff
  • Harvey Golub photo
    Harvey Golub
  • Philippe Jeck, Esq. photo
    Philippe Jeck, Esq.
  • Michael Leighton, MD photo
    Michael Leighton, MD
  • Peter Lund photo
    Peter Lund
  • Thomas Rowe, MD photo
    Thomas Rowe, MD
  • John Seifert photo
    John Seifert
  • Anthony P. Shaya, MD photo
    Anthony P. Shaya, MD
  • Robert J. Stilley photo
    Robert J. Stilley Vice Chairman
  • Jack Waterman, DO photo
    Jack Waterman, DO