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Makeup Testers, How Safe Are They Actually?

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  • Written By: Jupiter Medical Center
Makeup Testers, How Safe Are They Actually?

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The purchase cycle for beauty products usually involves some sort of trial period to make certain the product looks as good on you as it does in the packaging. Some stores go as far as provide individually wrapped sample products others, use the age old makeup testers. So, how safe are these? After digging deeper we found makeup testers to harbor several kinds of bacteria, including E.coli and staph! Think you’re in the clear with disposable applicators? If you are at a place where consumers are able to have access to the samples themselves there is no way to be certain they are all following the disposable applicator rule. If you truly feel you need to try the makeup prior to a purchase, make sure you swab the makeup with alcohol then apply the makeup to the disposable applicator before testing on your skin. We feel it may go without saying but never, ever double dip! Employees should be on the lookout for these alleged ‘double dippers’ however, some can slip through the cracks and go unnoticed. Arm yourself with alcohol spray, disposable applicators for one time use and test on the back of your hand when able.

Bottom line; never use any makeup that has come in direct contact with another person’s face.