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New Patient Story

  • Author: Abigail Lauterborn
  • Date Submitted: Jun 17, 2023
I am Abigail,s sister and feel the need to speak on her behalf. She came to your Emergency Room Thursday, June 15, 2023 at the behest of her physician. She presented with acute abdominal pain, blood work was drawn and an IV was initiated. She was then put into a wheel chair and left in the hall for over 2 hrs. She had an ultrasound which revealed diverticulitis. Back to the hallway shivering from the cold. Employees passed by her a number of times and lacked the basic compassion of speaking with her to ascertain her currant status. She was finally given a blanket. She was never given any pain meds (might have been given by IV, but doubt that, since her pain never abated). She was never informed if her doctor was called. Calling her physician should have taken priority since he asked Abigail to be notified upon arrival. My sister is 82 yrs old and does not speak up for herself when in hospital situations. She feels you are busy and should not be distracted from those who are in greater need than herself. She was discharged with a script for Augmentin. She left feeling no better and quite possibly worse then when she first arrived. She contacted her physician who prescribed additional medications. I just moved to NC and for obvious reasons could not be with her. I have been a RN for over 50 yrs. and have worked all specialties including the ER and never left a patient alone freezing and in pain. Shame on you! Your Geriatric care is seriously lacking and what's scary is your population consists mostly of older individuals. You need to increase your knowledge base or find another profession. From: Barbara Davis RNFA (retired)