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New Patient Story

  • Author: Michele Chrisohon
  • Date Submitted: Jul 1, 2023
ER on a Wed night at 11pm with terrible kidney stone pain. There was no one in ER waiting room and i was made to wait for an hour to get into see the Dr. I explained to Dr my history with kidney stones and he said he would set up cat scan and get me some pain meds as I was in excruciating pain. Waited another hour for someone to give me pain meds. As the nurse was about to give me the pain med he was stopped and asked to take care of another patient. I begged them please can he give me pain med before he goes and they said no. I asked another nurse that was sitting at desk if she could give me pain meds and she said no. Then after another hour she comes in to give me the pain med and I said I couldn't believe it took this long just to give me the pain med and she said I can always leave the er and go to another hospital. I was shocked at her response. After getting my cat scan it verified that i was having a kidney stone attack. I was still in pain so I asked for another shot. Still had never been given iv fluids to help pass the stone. After I was given the second shot of morphine after about 30 minutes they said I was going to be discharged. I said I was by myself and had driven to hospital and asked to be able to stay in er for a little more time and they said no I could go out and sit in waiting room until I felt better. I was in shock now after all this waiting for treatment I'm being rushed out of er. I proceeded to go into waiting room however it was so bright I went I into parking lot and fell asleep in my car to wake up vomiting. I was afraid to go back into er. I filed a complaint with er director and basically got a form letter back apologizing .I received a bill with a copayment and spoke with head of billing department and said I shouldn't have to pay the co payment as my insurance company paid them $4,000 for the short time I was there and for the way I was treated. She agreed and said she would take care of it however I am still getting bills for copayment. I am extremely disappointed after I have spoken with administration, customer experience and head of er Daniel Register I will be filing complaints with dept of health and bbb and keep posting on all websites as no one at the hospital seem to care or get back to me