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Stephen Blaschke

  • Date Submitted: Jan 13, 2023
Stephen BlaschkeLast fall my PSA rose significantly, after undergoing a biopsy I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I saw a surgeon and a radiation oncologist, spent several weeks researching the options and speaking with other prostate cancer patients. I opted to have radiation. The question then became where to have my treatment, I spend part of the year in Spokane, Washington so I could either have my treatment in the cold, icy weather or in sunny south Florida. I decided the better option would be Florida! I was fortunate to find Dr. Raj Rajpara and the cancer center at Jupiter Medical Center. They were using a new product, SpaceOAR hydrogel, that minimizes side effects. I did well with my treatment and did not experience any significant side effects. "This was a first-class experience, I was extremely pleased with Dr. Rajpara and the entire team. Everyone was very professional and always on time. I was in and out quickly for my treatment and went on with my day.”